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Current Job Postings

S18-030-02-3 Substitute Bus Operator 18-19-Closes 10/31/18

ABE Posting 2018 (1)-Closes 8/20/18

PH18-501-01- Lunch Tutors (3), CM/HS-Closes 8/20/18

S18-030-03 Bus Operator (Rt. 12) (Repl ESchoolcraft)-Closes 8/20/18

S18-030-04 Bus Operator (Rt. 14) (Repl J.Summers)-Closes 8/20/18

E18-501-09 MS Cheerleading Coach (Repl TCunningham)-Closes 8/20/18

S18-001-04-5 Substitute Paraprofessional (County) 18-19-Closes 8/20/18

S18-001-02-5 Substitute Custodian(County) 18-19-Closes 8/20/18

S18-001-03-5 Substitute Cook (County) 18-19-Closes 8/20/18

S18-501-01-8 Paraprof_SupV Aide, (CMHS)(Repl SButt) 18-19-Closes 8/20/18

S18-203-05-6 Multi-Classi Paraprofessional_Supervisory Aide (Specialized Health Care Procedures) (PHE)(Repl PKisner) 18-19-Closes 8/20/18

P18-501-05 English Teacher (CMHS) (Repl JJohnson)-Closes 8/20/18

P18-501-06 Mathematics Teacher (CMHS) (Repl NWhite)-Closes 8/20/18

P18-501-07 Academic Coach (CMHS) 18-19-Closes 8/20/18

P18-501-08 Guidance Counselor (Repl MFox)-Closes 8/20/18

P18-201-501-02 Special Education Teacher (Itinerant).5 AES, .5 CM/HS (Repl CSmith)  18-19-Closes 8/20/18

P18-203-01 Speech Language Pathologist (Itinerant) (Repl. SAlbaugh)-Closes 8/20/18

S18-030-05 Substitute Bus Operators (2), Career Center Run-Closes 8/22/18


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How do I become a substitute teacher? Use this link to discover what requirements are necessary to become a substitute teacher. A link to a suggested and trusted institution is available. 

To assist counties with the training of substitute teachers, the WVDE has made available another option to meet the initial and renewal-training requirements as outlined in WVBE policy 5202. Applicants now have the option to complete a free eLearning course that meets the initial and renewal training requirements of policy. The WVDE WVlearns Substitute Online Training is a 12-hour, three-week course. The applicant is still required to complete the classroom observation portions in addition to the course.  For course dates, click here.  In addition, applicants continue to have the option to complete training provided by the county that includes the areas required per policy or other already existing approved training. For additional information please contact Kelly Mordecki in the Office of Certification and Professional Preparation at kmordecki@k12.wv.us. For questions regarding the eLearning substitute online course, please contact Donna Landin at dlandin@k12.wv.us.

Paraprofessional Certification Requirements Click attachment and print so that you have the form to go by for requirements.  This form will be your guide of everything you will need to do/take. Just highlight each item as you are completed in order to keep accurate count.  Second would be to contact Donna Landin, Coordinator, (E-Learning Classes) at State Department. You can also make contact with the state department, certification office (1-800-982-2378) and ask to speak with either Jodi Oliveto-Moore or Christina Haymaker for any questions on classes.  You can apply in any county when a paraprofessional posting is up just so you can go and take the test, at any point in time during this process.