Now Accepting Lawn Care Service Bids

March 29, 2021 

The Calhoun County Board of Education will be accepting bids for lawn care services at all their facilities. The contract for mowing will be from July 1st 2021 to June 30th 2022. 

The timeline for submitting bid is as follows: 

April 14th @ 10:00 a.m.- Walk Through of facilities if needed (Meet at Calhoun Board of Education) 

March 29th to April 16th @3:00: Sealed bids will be accepted. Bid as one contract for all four facilities. Pleasant Hill Elementary, Arnoldsburg Elementary, Calhoun Middle/High School and Calhoun County Board of Education. All bids must be in the off by 3:00 on April 16th. Bids may be hand delivered or faced (304-354-7420). Mail bids to the following: Calhoun County Board of Education, Attn: Michael Fitzwater, 540 Alan B Mollohan Drive, Mt. Zion WV 26151. 

April 19thBids will be opened at Calhoun County Board of Education. 

April 20th: Board of Education will consider the recommendation for hire.  

Contractors shall provide services in the following areas: Mowing, edging, blowing off all sidewalks, weed eating around all buildings and around any articles in mowing area at Arnoldsburg School, Pleasant Hill School, and Calhoun Middle/High School (includes ball fields, football play field, practice field, large baseball field including outside fence and hill, softball field, hill and side around football play field.) 

The details of the job include: 

Arnoldsburg School: 1) Areas along drive-way mow close to road weekly, 2) Front and rear of school -weekly 3) Large bank behind school- Once a month 4) Shrubs and flower beds weekly. 

Pleasant Hill Elementary: 1) Road sign to road sign, 2) Around school- Weekly 3) Bank behind dumpster- Ever other week 4) Shrubs and flower beds weekly.  

Calhoun Middle/High School: 1) Run off ditches every week 2) Bank below “Underwood Drive.” – Every other week 3) Bank across from loading dock (behind guardrail)- Every other week 4) Football field- weekly during football season (July to end of season), then every other week 5) Bank along bleachers (home side) -Every other week 6) Under visitor bleachers- Once a month 7) Bank between school and softball field – Every other week 8) Baseball and softball field – Spring mowing season begins (March Until end of May) Once a week and then every other week. 9) Shrubs and flower beds weekly 10) Practice fields, bank – weekly 11) Facility building bank weekly 

Board of Education: 1) Field behind buses and grass behind board office- Every two weeks 2) Alan B Mollohan Drive, between baseball field and board office both sides of the driveway- every two weeks. 3) Shrubs and flower beds weekly.